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Specialized Psychological Services

Integrating Newest Research

Stressed Man

WSIB Community Mental Health Program Assessment and Treatment 

A Happier, Healthier You

The clinic provides WSIB Community Mental Health Program assessment and treatment for work-related claims. Initial assessment of the work related claim will be completed together with the required WSIB paperwork. Treatment will be scheduled as needed with the approval from WSIB. Please contact WSIB to get a claim number and contact Lakeshore Psychology Clinic to set up your assessment appointment.

Police-Related, Military and First Responders Psychological Services

Compassionate Care

The clinic provides police-related psychological services as well as assessments for Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) disabiity award and treatment planning. Police can be seen through their insurance health benefits or WSIB for work-related difficulties. Individualized treatment plans will be adapted to meet your specific needs in a compassionate way. Assessment and treatment services are based on latest research conducted among military service members and veterans.  

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