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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my appointment?

To book your appointment please use online booking. For any questions please call, email or complete contact form.

How long is each therapy session?

Each therapy session is 50 minutes in length with the last 10 minutes used for note writing.

How long does treatment take?

Some clients require short term therapy (e.g. 4-6 sessions) while others need longer (20 or more sessions). The number of sessions required will vary depending on the nature, severity and complexity of presenting symptoms. The need for additional sessions can be discussed on an ongoing basis. You may decide that weekly sessions are of most help to you, but other frequencies are also possible.

What are your fees?

The fees are consistent with the guidelines recommended by the Ontario Psychological Association. Rates will be discussed in more detail upon contact by telephone, email, or in person. 


Payment for services is due at the end of each session wherein an itemized receipt will be issued to you. Please retain this receipt for your insurance and income tax claims.


The fee is considered your responsibility even if you have extended health coverage that will pay for psychological services. Payment is due at the completion of each session and can be made by credit card or e-transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please note that 48 hours notice is required if you cancel or reschedule your appointment. The full-rate will apply to non-attendance or for a cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the start of the session.

Is a referral from a family doctor required?

No, a referral from a family doctor is not required. 

Are the services confidential?

Yes, all services are confidential, with a few legal exceptions, as outlined by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. These will be reviewed in our first session or earlier if requested.

Are the services covered by OHIP?

While not covered by OHIP, most private health insurance plans (e.g. Sunlife, Manulife etc.) provide some coverage for psychological services. Fees are tax deductible as a medical expense, and possibly as a business expense or as an employee benefit by your company. Psychological services may also be covered by WSIB for work related injuries. Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) can cover psychological services for veterans.

Are you a registered provider with WSIB Community Mental Health Program?

Yes, I am a registered provider with WSIB Community Mental Health Program. Please contact WSIB to get a claim number and contact Lakeshore Psychology Clinic to set up your assessment appointment.

Are you a Medavie Blue Cross Provider?

Yes, I am registered as a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Medavie Blue Cross provider. VAC covers psychological services for eligible veterans. The Department of National Defence (DND) covers psychological services for eligible currently serving CAF members.

How do I arrange sessions with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)? 

Veterans: Please visit the Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) website at to find a VAC District Office near you. You will be able to speak to a VAC Case Manager when you visit your local VAC District Office. The VAC Case Manager can assist with submitting a referral for assessment and/or treatment services. Please contact Lakeshore Psychology Clinic to schedule your first appointment.

CAF Members: Please visit Health Services for a referral for therapy. Health Services will determine your eligibility for off-site health care services. Please contact Lakeshore Psychology Clinic to schedule your first appointment.

How do I arrange psychological services through WSIB?

Please contact WSIB to get a claim number for your work-related difficulty, and contact Lakeshore Psychology Clinic to arrange your appointment.

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